Di Ventura Lab

Molecular and Cellular Engineering

Optogenetic Control of Nuclear Protein Import in Living Cells Using Light-Inducible Nuclear Localization Signals (LINuS)
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Optogenetic control of nuclear protein export
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Go in! Go out! Inducible control of nuclear localization
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Backbone circularization of Bacillus subtilis family 11 xylanase increases its thermostability and its resistance against aggregation
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Creating functional engineered variants of the single-module non-ribosomal peptide synthetase IndC by T domain exchange
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Chromosome segregation by the Escherichia coli Min system
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Self-organized partitioning of dynamically localized proteins in bacterial cell division
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Reconstitution of Mdm2-dependent post-translational modifications of p53 in yeast
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Space as the final frontier in stochastic simulations of biological systems
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SmartCell, a framework to simulate cellular processes that combines stochastic approximation with diffusion and localisation: analysis of simple networks
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